Angelo Mosca

Angelo Mosca would debut as a wrestler in Toronto in 1969, but was already well known as a premier player in the Canadian Football League (CFL) with a real nasty streak.
After his retirement from football, Mosca would return to the area as a regular for both Tunney and the Wildman's Indy shows.
In 1978 he would challenge AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel, Andre The Giant, and have a bloody series with Chief Maivia before changing to a fan favorite.
'Big Nasty' would take over Toronto in 1980 with his victory over the hated Iron Sheik to capture his first of five Canadian Titles. Some great struggles for the belt would ensue with Big John Studd, Mr Fuji, Bobby Duncum and Sgt Slaughter while elswewhere in the wrestling world he remained a vicious heel.
He would also team with Ric Flair (reprising their earlier Mid-Atlantic association) as well as the young team of Steamboat & Youngblood for a six-man tag in Guelph.
In 1984 Mosca would be stripped of the Canadian Title ending his final reign but would re-appear as a TV commentator and later as a promoter in the area

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Notable Canadian Matches

1/26/1970 Vancouver
Angelo Mosca & Gene Kiniski draw Dean Higuchi & Steve Bolus

2/20/1970 Calgary
Angelo Mosca & Wayne Coleman (Superstar Billy Graham) beat Bob Lueck & Stu Hart

6/21/1971 Toronto
Angelo Mosca is defeated by Champ The Sheik

2/2/1972 Quebec City
Angelo Mosca beats Dino Bravo in a battle of future Cdn Champs

12/26/1976 Toronto
Angelo Mosca is counted out vs Andre the Giant

3/16/1978 Winnipeg
Angelo Mosca beats Billy Robinson for the British Empire title (AWA)

9/10/1978 Toronto
Angelo Mosca beats AWA World Champ Nick Bockwinkel by count-out

4/13/1980 Toronto
Angelo Mosca beats Jimmy Snuka and his manager Gene Anderson

7/20/1980 Toronto
Angelo Mosca beats Great Hossein Arab/Iron Sheik to win the Canadian Title

4/12/1981 Toronto
Angelo Mosca and NWA World Champ Harley Race go to a double count-out

7/26/1981 Toronto
Angelo Mosca beats Mr. Fuji to begin his third reign with the Cdn title

1/17/1982 Toronto
Angelo Mosca beats Big John Studd in a cage to win his fourth Cdn Title

4/25/1982 Toronto
Angelo Mosca is disqualified vs AWA World Champ Nick Bockwinkel

6/6/1982 Toronto
Angelo Mosca beats former World Champ Gene Kiniski

11/20/1983 Kitchener
Angelo Mosca & Ric Flair team to defeat Bob Orton Jr & Dick Slater

1/22/1984 Toronto
Angelo Mosca beats Sgt. Slaughter in a cage to win the Cdn title for the final time

* Results from
Gary Will's Toronto Wrestling History

main pic entering cage - G. Henderson Coll.


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