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Red Garner- Pride Of Langstaff
Nanjo vs Whipper
Pat Flanagan - The Irish Tornado
Kiniski & Fritz - Tough Tag
Bulldog Brower in Toronto
Bruno Sammartino in Toronto
Carlos Rocha in Toronto
The Tolos Brothers
Joe Greenfield
Whipper vs Don Leo
Jim Hady 1961
John Paul Henning 1963
Carpentier vs Stasiak 1966
Garvin Brothers 1967
Singh vs Valentine 1967
Muchnick & Watson 1967
Ric Flair in Toronto
Ricky Steamboat in Toronto
Most Popular?
Ten Years
Tim Gerrard
Dewey Robertson
Tiger Jeet Singh
Johnny Davis
Dino Bravo
Dewey Robertson
Angelo Mosca
The Canadian Title Belt
MLG 2012

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1979 Almanac
1979 Wrestlers
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The NWA Title in Toronto

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On Slam Wrestling
Billy Stack
The Bearman 25 years later
HOF - Pat Milosh
HOF - Tim Gerrard

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